Inherits from SpatializedSource.



SYZ_CAPI syz_ErrorCode syz_createSource3D(syz_Handle *out, syz_Handle context);

Creates a source3d positioned at the origin and with no associated generators.


SYZ_P_POSITIONdouble3(0, 0, 0)anyThe position of the sourec.
SYZ_P_ORIENTATIONdouble6(0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1)Two packed unit vectorsThe orientation of the source as (atx, aty, atz, upx, upy, upz). Currently unused.
SYZ_P_DISTANCE_MODELintfrom Contextany SYZ_DISTANCE_MODELThe distance model for this source.
SYZ_P_DISTANCE_REFdoubleFrom Contextvalue >= 0.0The reference distance.
SYZ_P_DISTANCE_MAXdoubleFrom Contextvalue >= 0.0The max distance for this source.
SYZ_P_ROLLOFFdoubleFrom Contextvalue >= 0.0The rolloff for this source.
SYZ_P_CLOSENESS_BOOSTdoubleFrom Contextany finite doubleThe closeness boost for this source in DB.
SYZ_P_CLOSENESS_BOOST_DISTANCEdoubleFrom Contextvalue >= 0.0The closeness boost distance for this source.


A Source3D represents an entity in 3D space. For explanations of the above properties, see 3D Panning.

When created, Source3D reads all of its defaults from the Context's corresponding properties. Changes to the Context versions don't affect already created sources. A typical use case is to configure the Context to the defaults of the game, and then create sources.