Generator (abstract)

Generators generate audio, and are how Synthizer knows what to play through sources. In addition to direct generation, some generators take other generators as arguments, e.g. per-source effects and filters.


All generators support the following properties:

SYZ_P_GAINdouble1.0value >= 0.0The gain of the generator.
SYZ_P_PITCH_BENDdouble1.0value >= 0.0Pitch bend of the generator as a multiplier (2.0 is +1 octave, 0.5 is -1 octave, etc)


syz_pause, syz_play

syz_ErrorCode syz_pause(syz_Handle object);
syz_ErrorCode syz_play(syz_Handle object);

The standard play/pause functions, which do exactly what their name suggests.


Not all generators support SYZ_P_PITCH_BEND because it doesn't necessarily make sense for them to do so. Where this is the case, this manual will document that in the remarks for that generator type. Additionally, in cases where SYZ_P_PITCH_BEND has non-obvious behavior, the remarks will document that as well. The most common place to se non-obvious SYZ_P_PITCH_BEND behavior is in effects.