Inherits from SpatializedSource.



SYZ_CAPI syz_ErrorCode syz_createPannedSource(syz_Handle *out, syz_Handle context);

Creates a panned source.


SYZ_P_AZIMUTHdouble0.00.0 to 360.0The azimuth of the panner. See remarks.
SYZ_P_ELEVATIONdouble0.0-90.0 to 90.0See remarks
SYZ_P_PANNING_SCALARdouble0.0-1.0 to 1.0see remarks


The PannedSource gives direct control over a panner, which is either controlled via azimuth/elevation in degrees or a panning scalar.

If using azimuth/elevation, 0.0 azimuth is forward and positive angles are clockwise. Elevation ranges from -90 (down) to 90 (up).

Some applications want to control panners through a panning scalar instead, i.e. for UI purposes. If using panning scalars, -1.0 is full left and 1.0 is full right.

Applications should use either a panning scalar or azimuth/elevation, never both on the same source. Using both simultaneously is undefined behavior.

For information on panning, see 3D Panning.